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Ben from StoryTiling
August 2023

Future of Connected Workplaces

StoryTiling is revolutionizing the space of Employee Recognition, by creating a novel B2B SaaS category that harnesses the power of video storytelling.

Catering to a diverse range of companies, from agile early-stage startups to established unicorns and tech behemoths, their approach is reshaping the landscape of employee recognition. Instead of generic accolades, StoryTiling crafts personalized, automated video celebrations for significant employee milestones. By fostering a tangible sense of appreciation, they’re assisting businesses in cultivating deeper connections with their teams. The result? A surge in employee morale, enhanced retention rates, and amplified productivity. As they champion this transformation, companies everywhere are realizing the profound impact of making employees feel truly valued.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped how we work. According to Gartner, by 2023, almost 71% of knowledge workers in the US will either work remotely or in a hybrid setting. This shift has significantly changed our workplace interactions. Gone are the days of regular team lunches, celebratory drinks, or casual chats by the watercooler. These moments, which once strengthened our bonds with colleagues, are now less frequent.

This change is more than just about where we work; it’s about how we feel. Many employees now leave jobs because they don’t feel valued or connected, while employers often mistakenly think it’s about pay or career growth. As this becomes the new normal, companies must find fresh ways to bridge this emotional gap and keep teams together.

Moments that matter

Key employee milestones, such as onboarding, significant achievements, and work anniversaries, are pivotal opportunities for companies to express their recognition and appreciation. McKinsey dubs these as “Moments that Matter,” defining them as unique inflection points that, when designed thoughtfully, can offer a remarkable boost in overall experience. Misjudging or overlooking these moments can have adverse implications, potentially alienating employees and making them feel undervalued.

Consider the onboarding process that many new hires are experiencing today: Imagine the isolation a new hire might feel on their first day, discovering that a majority of their teammates are absent due to remote work arrangements, and then waiting an entire month just to meet everyone in person. It’s crucial to recognize these key moments and make sure employees feel both welcomed and essential to the company.

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A more connected Workplace

For companies to truly make their employees feel appreciated, it’s essential to weave social science into their approach. Choosing to remain with a company is an emotional decision, underscoring the importance of social science in workplace dynamics. While face-to-face interactions are the gold standard for emotional impact, in hybrid and remote work settings establishing genuine human connections becomes challenging.

This is where video steps in, playing a pivotal role. Video offers a unique combination of visual and auditory cues, capturing nuances in expression and tone that text or voice alone can’t convey. Using video, whether for celebrating an employee’s milestones or providing personal feedback, fosters a sense of connection and evokes emotions that can strengthen an individual’s commitment and loyalty to a company. As we navigate the evolving dynamics of modern workplaces, the prominence of video as a tool for human connection is only expected to intensify, offering companies a viable way to nurture bonds and team cohesion in the digital age.


The landscape of workplaces is undergoing a seismic shift, with hybrid and remote settings becoming the norm. As face-to-face interactions wane, companies must find innovative ways to maintain connection and morale. Embracing modern tools and methodologies is vital to ensure employees feel valued and connected. As we venture forward, the future of connected workplaces hinges on our adaptability and commitment to foster genuine bonds, even in a digital age.