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Renate from Brownee
September 2023

Future of Sustainability

Brownee ( is an online platform that helps SMEs (small- to medium-enterprises) become more successful by becoming more sustainable. Brownee creates an ecosystem where, in 4 minutes, SMEs can get guidance on what ESG action (E, S, and G – not just carbon) is appropriate for them to take now and then connects to a company that offers this solution, or a resource that helps them achieve it. We make it quick, easy and fun to become more sustainable by gamifying the whole experience to keep SMEs engaged as they work towards becoming more successful.

Customers Expectations Have Changed

Sustainability use to be a nice to have and it has now become a must have – corporations are setting ambitious targets, goals and strategies, regulators are setting guidelines around it, governments are working towards it, investors are demanding to see risks associated with it, customers are expecting brands to be working towards it, and the workforce is choosing to work for companies that are making it front and center.


The push towards a more sustainable future will only become more and more apparent as these tailwinds become stronger and generate more speed and momentum. Companies, no matter the size, risk going out of business if they don’t start working towards becoming more sustainable. SMEs form the supply chain of international companies and these companies are demanding their supply chain start to take action and make progress on ESG issues (reduce emissions, reduce waste, diversify boards to name a few). If not, their contracts are at risk of being terminated. Similarly, government bodies are implementing stringent ESG metrics in their procurement policies that must be adhered to in order to do business with them.


The problem is, no one is there to support SMEs with the move towards a more sustainable future. The market is saturated with ESG consultants for corporate giants and there are a million carbon accounting and reporting tools available – but no tool specifically designed for SMEs that focuses on E, S and G – one that understands their pain points and speaks their language. One that shows that if nothing else, it makes good business sense to embrace sustainability as a business mindset, one that shows them it can be profitable to make sustainability a business imperative. 


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The ESG Space Is Complicated


That’s what Brownee is trying to do. Help SMEs become more successful by becoming more sustainable. We understand the pain points and roadblocks that they face – they are resource poor, time poor, and need to focus on staying in business and chasing profits. Additionally, the ESG space is confusing and complicated. Brownee makes getting into action easy, quick and fun!


By completing a 4 minute discovery game and answering top of mind questions about their business, Brownee suggests 3 to 5 relevant focus areas for the SME to start with. These are tailored to them – their industry, level of risk and appetite for impact. Once they select the focus area to start with, Brownee recommends actions they can take and connects them to companies that offer this service or a template/resource they can use. We award points per action taken, based on international frameworks and guidelines, so the SME can see their sustainability score improve with each action taken. 


By creating a flywheel of SMEs and companies that offer sustainable solutions, together, we are creating an environmentally regenerative, socially responsible and economical inclusive world.