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Johnny from EdTripper
August 2023

Future of School Excursions

EdTripper is a school excursion ecosystem built to support the management of education programs for attractions (museums, Galleries, Cultural Institutions, etc). Our core product is the EdTripper booking engine, where attractions publish, manage and promote their curriculum-mapped education programs offered to schools.

The current process is manual and antiquated and creates unnecessary barriers that limit the opportunities available for remarkable learning outcomes for students. 

Our mission is to connect teachers to the most enriching and educational experiences outside the traditional classroom. These activities help students broaden their perspectives and become citizens of the world

Future of Edtech


At EdTripper, we touch on a few sectors that are changing rapidly. The education sector has a reputation for being slow, protected and change-adverse. From our research, the primary constraint is limited time. Educators battle high admin demands, limited resources and classroom time taking precedence (as it should). The same can be said for Attractions, fighting for eyeballs in a digital world while still nursing a hangover from a post covid digital shakeup. It is no longer good enough to rely on ‘the same teachers coming every year’; the forced digital change has allowed these wonderful and, in some cases, iconic attractions to look at new ways to deliver their content and get back to the core reason they exist – “to collect, preserve, interpret, and display objects of artistic, cultural, or scientific significance for the study and education”. 


The future relies on how attractions can embrace technology to enhance the student experience. The first step is adopting solutions to reduce the admin (EdTripper) in their teams so they can focus on delivering fantastic programs to visitors.The combined challenge/future that is coming for both sectors is developing students into engaged and informed young adults ready for the next chapter of their lives. 

For Edtripper, this means unlocking what it means to go on “an excursion”. Museums and galleries will always have their place, but why can’t school students studying engineering visit the Amazon factory to see the latest innovations in robotics? Economics learners spend a day with an investment bank learning how money works and getting kids out to farms to show how our foods get onto our tables.  


The future is bright in this sector, and we can work towards it together to develop the next generation of informed global citizens. 

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Preparing Students For World After School


Both the education and attraction industry deserves better. Because we are solving for a required educational function does not mean the process can and should not be improved.

EdTripper exists to lessen the barrier to entry for schools to engage in activities outside the traditional classroom and for attractions to lower admin time and cost so they can continue delivering their best work. 


Our vision is to expose students to the best possible activities that complement educators’ teachings and prepare and inform them for the world after school. 


We have the team and experience to provide a platform for teachers and attractions to support delivering our vision as part of the EdTripper community.