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Melanie & Elisse 
June 2023

Future of Dating

Ziinkle’s not another dating app. It’s pioneering the RelTech (relationship tech) category and is your personal navigator in the journey of finding and keeping love, providing a unique approach by directing you to real-life venues to spark connections. Our commitment extends beyond the initial match, offering a dedicated couples section to foster growing relationships. Our partnerships with local businesses create a thriving, interconnected community, enriching your social experience while simultaneously fuelling the local economy and generating revenue from 3 different streams.

We live in a world where loneliness spreads as fast as a trending hashtag. This is particularly true for singles, who, after more than a decade of swiping left and right, are feeling burnout and like just another profile lost in the digital crowd. We need a more robust system to support singles as they meet potential partners in real-life situations, creating genuine and meaningful connections. Once a connection is made, the support shouldn’t end there – relationships need nurturing as they grow and develop. This is where Ziinkle comes into play.

Ziinkle isn’t about dating—it’s about Relationship Tech, or RelTech for short. We’re here to bridge the gap, offering support through the whole journey of love and relationships.

Understanding RelTech

RelTech gets it—tackling loneliness is about more than making introductions. It’s about addressing the health and happiness concerns that come along with it. It doesn’t just facilitate the initial spark between individuals but also recognises the significance of providing continuous support as relationships evolve. By offering resources and tools that help build relationships, we’re creating an environment where users feel empowered to nurture their relationships effectively. This approach not only challenges the feeling of disposability created by traditional dating apps but also fosters a sense of commitment and longevity.

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Genuine relationships are crucial and RelTech is emerging as a real game-changer. This new approach can transform how we date completely and connect with each other, and who knows, maybe even make us happier and healthier. But let’s talk about the hard truth for a moment. Did you know that singles using swipe-based dating apps are four times more likely to feel higher stress levels or depressive symptoms? The current emphasis on looks over connection and chemistry can lead to feelings of body shame and self-doubt. And it’s not just the dating stage that can hurt. When relationships break down, the aftermath can be tough, not just on adults, but on children too, who have to deal with parental separation —leading to loneliness, mental health struggles, and even financial hardship. 27% of divorces lead to women experiencing poverty. That’s why we’re so passionate about nurturing real, genuine connections at Ziinkle. It’s not just about finding love—it’s about promoting overall well-being and happiness. 

However, here’s the silver lining: there’s a proven link between the quality of our relationships and how long we live. That’s where RelTech comes in, and Ziinkle is leading the charge. We’re here to help people find and foster meaningful connections that can contribute positively to our community’s health and happiness.

Our Vision


We want to redefine how we connect socially and make a real difference to both individual and community wellbeing. Imagine a place where our members can interact with each other and local businesses, creating meaningful and genuine connections that last. That’s the Ziinkle dream.


Singles have told us they’re tired of the shallow swipes and impersonal nature of traditional dating apps. That’s why we’re offering them something new—a chance to step out from behind their screens and engage with potential partners in real, more rewarding ways. We want to bring authenticity and emotional depth back to the dating scene.


But we’re not stopping at the first spark. We get that relationships need tender loving care to flourish. That’s why our RelTech ecosystem is here for our users every step of the way. Using tech to our advantage, Ziinkle offers tools, resources, and even access to relationship coaches. We’re here to support couples on their shared journey, teaching them healthy relationship habits that will positively impact future generations in the long term.


In short, the future of relationships with Ziinkle is all about a holistic approach—one that combines the best of technology and real-life interactions to help you build and sustain relationships that truly matter.