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Olivia from Femtek
September 2023

Future of Women's Health

Femtek is the world’s first women’s only smart ring which encompasses the entire female life cycle. Our purpose is built around lessening the cost of women’s health care by arming women with body and cycle literacy, and we can’t wait to take over the women’s wearable market.


Expected To Reach a $100 Billion


The future of Women’s Health Tech (or Fem Tech) is absolutely bursting and still in its infancy. By 2030, this is expected to reach a $100B industry – yes, billion. The market is currently being driven by trailblazers and women’s health warriors, who are committed to providing solutions for the unique issues women face.


There have been key areas of development, with many companies building their entire ethos around developing superior services and solutions for menstrual health, fertility, and maternal care. The fertility tracking market is expected to grow by 15% annually, with the maternal care market set to surpass $9B by 2026.


When you take a moment to look through the depths of the internet forums and Twitter, it is clear that women are dissatisfied with current solutions on the market and searching for specific and niched brands for their varying needs and life stages. Perimenopause, pregnancy, post partum, menopause; all of these life stages not only want, but desperately need niched solutions. 


When you look at menstrual tracking, this sector boasts over 100 million women worldwide who actively use period tracking apps! Show us an app category which has 100 million men using it every day!


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Revolutionary Cycle Tracking


Femtek’s entire mission is built around lessening the cost of women’s health care through increasing body and cycle literacy. Through creating a wearable device that is actually built on women, we aspire to empower women in their decision making around their health and fertility, as well as offering them a revolutionary cycle tracking experience.


As far as the long term vision – a whole new generation of cycle literate warriors armed with knowledge who are in control of their health.